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Upholstery Supplies - Supply Catalog

upholstery supplies supply tools catalog

Upholstery Supplies
Upholstery Tools

We are striving to be the best on-line source of upholstery supplies. Our on going plan is to offer our complete upholstery supply catalog with photographs. And in the future we will be offering this complete catalog in PDF format. As the pages are finished the link will appear below. For those of you with modems please be patient, some of these pages are large and contain many photos.

Pricing subject to change without notice. Please call or e-mail to verify current price.
Special orders incur additional freight charges.

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A - Air Hose

B - Binding, Buckles, Bungee Cord, Bungee Cord Hooks, Burlap, Button Machines, Button Molds, Outdoor Buttons
C - Cambric,  Chalk, China markers Clips, Cotton, Cushion Slip-ease, Cleaners & Solvents
D - Dacron, Denim, D-Rings & Snap Hooks, Dowel Pins
E - Edge Roll, Edgewire, Elastic
F - Fabric Protector Spray, Fasteners, Foam, Foam Saw, Furniture Covers
G - Gimp, Gimp Chart, Chair Glides, Glue (Spray Adhesives), Hot Melt Glue, Plain Grommets, Spurred Grommets, Grommet Tools
H - Hog Rings, Hook And Loop, Hydemwelt,
I  -  Insulpad, Iosso Products
K  -  Klinch-It Clips
L  -  Leg Accessories, Leather Repair Kit
M  -  Muslin, Mooring Poles
N  -  Nails, Needles, Sewing Machine Needles
O  -  Sewing Machine Oil, Pneumatic Air Tool Oil
P  -  Pillow Forms, Pins, Pli-Grip
R  -  Razor Blades, Rope
S  -  Sergene, Silicone Lubricant, Skirtliner, Metal Tackstrip Sleeve, Spot Remover, Spray Lacquer
            Springs, Staple Guns, Staples, Swivels, Swivel Bases, Swivel Base Parts, Solvents
T  -  Tacks, Tack Strip, Thread & Bobbins, Twine
Tools  -  All the tools we stock photographed and listed on one page
V  -  Ventilators, Vinyl Sheet Glass, Clear Vinyl Cleaner, Vinyl Repair Kit
W  -  Water Repellency Spray (Canvas), Webbing, Welt Cord, Windshield Clips, Wood Plugs and Buttons, Wood Screw
Z  -  Zipper Aluminum, Zipper YKK Outdoor

Great Lakes Fabrics, Inc.

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