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Great Lakes Fabrics has one of the largest photo galleries of upholstery fabric samples on the internet. Click the links below to view our Home and Business furniture material and upholstery leather collections.

French Linen Section
"Our new line of linen fabrics"

Tweed Fabric Section
"Our selection of tweed fabrics"

Faux Suede Fabric Section
"A large selection of styles and colors"

Denim Fabric Section
"The Same Denim As Your Favorite Jeans"

Southwestern Style Fabrics Section
"Patterns Inspired by the Great Southwest"

Floral Fabric Section
"Beautiful Floral Selection"

Tapestry Fabric Section
"Our Tapestry Fabrics Selections"

Outdoor Fabric Section
"Stripes, Plains and Exotic Patterns and even
Exclusive Patterns Found Nowhere Else

Colors from Mild to Wild!"

Phifertex Outdoor Fabric Section
"Fabrics from Phifer Wire Products 
Amazing Outdoor Fabrics!"

Plaid Fabrics Section
"This Section Includes Cottons, Chenilles"
"All our Plaids,  Large and Small"

Flamestitch Fabric Section
"Our Latest Color Line of Flamestitch Fabric"

Leather Section
"Top Grain Cowhides Available in
Half or Whole Hides"

Recycled Leather Section
"Faux leather that looks like the real thing, front and back"

Matelasse Fabric Section
"Small Selection of  Floral and Striped
Matelasse Fabric"

Chenille Fabric Section
"Many Types of Patterns with that
Great Chenille Feel"

Velvet Fabric Section
"Elegant, Luxurious Velvet Fabrics.
Beautiful Plains, Stripes, Sculptured and Crushed"

Contract Fabric Section
"Tough,  Durable,  Beautiful.  Available
in Plains and Elegant Small Commercial Grade Patterns"

Striped Fabric Section
"Large and Small Stripes in many
Fabric Colors and Styles"

Plain Fabric Section
"From Smooth To Knubby Textures,
From Velvets To Denims"

Contemporary Modern Abstract Fabric Section
"Contemporary Modern Abstract Stylings"

Small Patterned Fabric Section
"A Variety of Fabric Colors and Contents For
Sofas, Chairs & Pillows From Commercial to Outdoor
Furniture Fabrics"

Large Patterned Fabric Section
"A Variety of Fabric Colors and Contents"

Jacquard Fabric Section
"A Variety of Fabric Colors and Contents"

Discontinued Fabrics
"A Variety of Fabrics discontinued by either us or the mills"

The Care and Cleaning of
Upholstery Fabrics

Here are some general rules to follow in caring for your fabric:

  • Vacuum or brush away loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric.

  • Clean Up Spills and stains right away. The longer soil and stains stay on the fabric, the harder they are to remove.

Your furniture may be labeled with the voluntary industry cleanability code. Since the dyes or backings on some upholstery fabrics will be affected by water or spot cleaners, the cleanability code tells which cleaning method is safest for your fabric. If your furniture is not coded, test the fabric for damage or color change on a hidden part of the furniture before spot cleaning. The code is as follows:

(W)  Use only water-based cleaning agents or foam. Mix 2 tablespoons ammonia or ammoniated detergent to a quart of water. Wipe the stain gently with a cloth dampened with the solution. Continue, turning the cloth so you're always using a clean portion.

(S)  Use only mild, pure, water-free dry cleaning solvent. Wet a cloth with the spot cleaner and follow the same procedure as described above.

(WS)  Either of the above methods may be used.

(X) Clean fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to remove soil. Do not use liquid cleaning agents of any type.

The furniture industry recommends professional cleaning when overall cleaning is necessary. The cleanability code should be called to the attention of your professional cleaner.

Tips for Velvet Upholstery: Spot clean with a water-free dry cleaning product, wiping in the direction of the pile (so the pile lays down). When the fabric is dry, brush gently with a suede brush, first against, then with the pile.

Note: Before treating any stain, test the appropriate stain-removing product (including water, if you plan to use it) on a hidden area to make certain the fabric and color will not be damaged by the process.

Colors subject to our camera and your monitor.

Great Lakes Fabrics has a  non-refundable charge of $ 2.00 for each sample requested.
Special orders incur additional freight charges.
All product prices subject to change without notice.

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